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Chairman’s Message

All good schools have excellent facilities but at The MARUTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL we can offer these and a unique environment for our students. This allows us to meet fully the demand that the new millennium has placed upon the Indian subcontinent. The changes, which are sweeping across the world, have brought new challenges to our country and have meant that schools have become ever more important in educating our children to cope with the increasing momentum of change.

MARUTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL recognizes the need to mould our young generation to the new realities of the world. We know that if they are to succeed, students will have to be equipped with a pride in and sense of being Indian citizens. They will also need the skills and adaptability to function as global citizens.

We have, therefore, evolved a strategy to prepare our students for these new challenges. Guiding each student to achieve his true potential is our first and overriding aim. However, we also ensure that every student develops tolerance and understanding of others and the personal responsibility needed to turn these virtues into positive and caring action. These characteristics are developed in every student both within the classroom and outside of it to ensure that our students emerge as well-rounded citizens able to achieve balance in all aspects of their lives.