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Other Information to Parents

Please do not allow your child to bring the following Items to Campus as they are strictly banned to be brought and used in the school by any student:

  • Toxic items, possession of smoking & drinking materials or any eatables.
  • fireworks, darts, knives are strictly forbidden.
  • Other than a simple watch, Ornament is forbidden
  • Nail varnish and other decorative cosmetic.
  • Music Players / Video Players like walkman, diskman, ipods etc.
  • Electronic Video Gaming Devices
  • Pocket Computers, Tablet PCs, Camera, SPY CAMS
  • Mobile Phones


The following procedure should be followed for any valuable items and pocket money:

Students should hand such items to the Houseparent who will issue a receipt and thereafter keep the items in a secure place until required. The Houseparent cannot be held responsible for any items or money not so recorded.

For any excursions outside the school, the Houseparent will disburse money as appropriate.




N.B. Please do not supply your child with any form of un-prescribed medicines, vitamin or dietary supplement.