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Student’s Role

We admit students on the basis of written tests in English, Mathematics and Sciences and expect every student to meet a minimum set standard for admission to the school.

Once admitted, students are expected to improve upon their level at admission through consistent effort and concentrated work. This does not mean that we expect every student to achieve the very highest grade but instead we seek to give each student a clear, individual target related to each personís own abilities.

At The MARUTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, we ask that each student should always strive to achieve his own personal best and the goals appropriate to him. We also recognize that students need different methods to support them in achieving their best and so we aim to provide different teaching methodologies to support every student. We also believe that some students respond best to discipline, others to encouragement and others to personal attention. Hence, we ensure that staff has an awareness of the strategies suited to each student and that these are consistently pursued.