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Sports & Athletics



A sport is the life of a nation from a clear gauge of its achievements in science, Arts, Literature, Defense Power and Quality of life. To achieve this, our school has provided all the facility in sports and games.


This is the icon of all sports and games, in a teaching and learning institution. The track is of 200 mtrs. With standard measurements with both the track and field events can be conducted which is located in a good atmosphere, with sound surroundings.


Foot Ball is the most popular game in India due to its easy availability. The school provided a wonderful standard lawn field of 90mtrs. in length and 45mtrs. of width.

SWIMMING POOLmpstumkur-swimming-camp

Swimming shares with walking the distinction of being a perfect exercise for health, as it exercises the whole body. It is also a very useful accomplishment that may at any time. Put it does possess in a position to save a life. This ability can be gained by our pool which is a Olympic.


The game of volley ball can be considered from two main aspects. The first is the informal re-creative game which can be played anywhere. The second is the international sport with its strict code of rules. It is our ideal game in our campus in its own right, highest worth, demanding speed agility and speed


Cricket is a popular game in the world. Our school provides the same good condition stadium with good pitch of standard measurements.


The Kho Kho the game of agility which is layed in a softy plane in our campus.


A multi purpose hall for indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom