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Pillars of Maruthi Public School

Dr. Anjanaiah

(Surgeon) MBBS, MS.
Managing Trustee, Maruthi Public School, Tumkur.

The main pillar to the dream project of this school is Dr. Anjanaiah who always has an extended hand towards the society.

Dr. Venkatesh Murthy,

(Surgeon) MBBS, MS.
Managing Director, Maruthi Public school, Tumkur.

His dedication and commitment is remarkable. He relentlessly works towards the goal.

Dr. Gururaj Karajagi

Advisory council, Maruthi Public School, Tumkur.

Dr. Gururaj Karajagi is a main motivator of our institution and a committed educationist who is a pioneer for establishing outstanding institutions that reflect the highest principles of educational philosophy. He’s Serving as a member of several prestigious Educational and Governmental committees, continues his immense concern to all fellow beings who are committed to the society. He is also a serving member of the State Resource Group (SRG) for the implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) and NAAC accreditation, in the colleges of Karnataka.

Sri. Chandrashekar.

Advisory council, Maruthi Public School, Tumkur.

Being associated with the school from day one, he continuously supports the school in all development areas. The technology development is given at most importance in our school from the day the school was promoted.He also is a key person working with full zeal and enthusiasm for the developments.

Smt. Sai Nagalakshmi. G. H.

Advisory council, Maruthi Public School, Tumkur.

The Visionary cause is wholly supported by SaiNagalakshmi.G.H, who is an educationist, counselor and a social worker associated with various organizations, is supporting the institution as an advisory council for an overall development. She also undertakes counselings. Bringing value education to the deepest fold is the motto bringing a broader vision of the perspectives.