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Parents Liabilities

We recognize that parents and the school are equal partners in guiding and supporting our students. As such, we aim to ensure that parents are kept fully informed regarding all aspects of a studentís progress.

Each term, the school holds a set of Unit Tests and formal end-of-term examinations. The results of these are formally communicated to parents through a Report Card and are followed up in a Parent-Teacher meeting. At the same time, staff and students, meet to review results and progress and to set targets to be met in the coming term.

Parents also receive a Pastoral Report assessing each studentís progress in a variety of areas related to discipline, health, social interaction and attitude. Together with the Report Cards these give a very clear picture of each student and allow us to see where improvements can be made. It also allows the school to highlight for each student where and how his behavior might be supporting or diminishing his academic progress.

We also aim to monitor each student throughout his entire career at the school. This allows us to quickly see if a studentís progress changes term by term or year by year. In so doing, we are able to offer every student, praise where there is improvement and support where there is decline.

In addition to these formal systems, parents are kept informed of any particular issues regarding a student. Again, we recognize that early and united approaches yield the best results and so we always aim to involve parents as soon as any student prompts our concern.